Age Groups - What Your Child Can Expect



Settling In & Visits

We understand that for you to have a successful day you need to feel that your child is happy and secure.  With this in mind we offer a minimum of three settling in visits, timed and tailored to suit family needs. 

Visits provide an opportunity for getting to know each other and to discuss your child's individual routine.  You can take as long as you like to settle your child, and won't feel any pressure to leave them until both you and they are ready.

Yellow Group 0-2 years

In this group we care for the youngest children between the ages of six weeks and two years, in a calm, safe and stimulating environment.  Our friendly staff ensure your babies routines and personal needs are followed to, this helps the babies development and learning. Your baby will have their own individual key person who is responsible for monitoring progress on a daily basis.

Red Group 2-3 years

Toddlers love to explore and at Buttercups we ensure that their days are packed with fun, energetic and creative experiences in a safe and stimulating environment. Through supporting and praising the children within everything they do, they will enjoy their time at nursery and their confidence will be promoted.

Blue Group 3-5 years

Pre school education should be about children learning and discovering for themselves. Our pre-school rooms are about providing and supporting child centered learning experiences, enabling the children to access all areas of the Early Years Foundation Stage Curriculum through the vehicles of play and focused lead activities. The learning experiences are a balance between adult planned activities and activities that have directly arisen from observations of particular children's interests and motivation sources, for example bird watching.

Green Group 5-11 years *

The idea behind the” out of school” service is that it should be exactly that, somewhere away from school where our older children can relax with friends and feel that it is their space.

In all services, Breakfast and After School Club and Holiday clubs the children use their imagination and individual interests to plan their own time. The clubs aim is to provide a safe, friendly and secure environment where a variety of activities are offered including arts, crafts, games, sport and drama. The children are also given the opportunity to relax or read in a 'quiet  chill out' area. We also encourage homework from school and during holiday clubs we organise trips and outings, throughout we encourage school aged children to organise their own meetings to make decisions about their play space.

* Please note that the Green Group is only available at Pelton and Seaham Nurseries.

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