Healthy Eating

At Buttercup Nurseries we believe that mealtimes should be a social, happy time where skills can be developed and foods tasted!! 

We recognize the importance of a balanced diet in promoting a child's growth, development and behavior and follow the guidance held by the Food Standards Agency for children 0-5 years.

We have fully trained catering staff in each of our settings, who prepare and cook every meal on site, using only the freshest ingredients, including fresh fruit and vegetables. 


A variety of nutritionally balanced meals are offered, which ensures all children have the opportunity to sample seasonal and home grown produce. The nursery menu's are rotated on a four weekly basis, which also includes an additional weaning menu for children within the Yellow Room.

Vegetarian and alternative options are available and dietary requirements are accommodated in all settings.  


 Breakfast is served daily offering cereals, toast, fresh fruit & yoghurts

Snack is served twice daily offering fresh & dried fruit or vegtable matchsticks.  Milk or water available throughout.

Independence and choice is promoted and supported by all staff in the provision, where children are encouraged to serve themselves at mealtimes.

Buttercup Nurseries are given the opportunity to take part in the Healthy Early Years Scheme which takes place within County Durham. We are pleased to announce that Buttercup Nurseries at Gray Avenue have now achieved the Healthy Early Years Status, ensuring that all children and families within the provision and community have the ability to choose a healthier lifestyle.  




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